Your personal 3D Figure!

Welcome to the future! With state-of-the-art 3D scanning and 3D printing technology you can now get a full-color and realistic statue of yourself! 3D figures are a special and futuristic way of keeping a memory fresh: you can capture your latest outfit, an engagement, a wedding, or a newborn addition to your family.
It’s very easy to get a 3D mini-me of yourself, your family or your friends. Just contact one of our official partner photo studios and they’ll guide you through the choice of type and size, and will schedule a 3D scan session. The 3D scanning during the session will only take a few minutes, and then that’s it! Not long afterwards, you’ll be the proud owner of your own, personalized 3D figure—uniquely made, just for you.
The statues are made from a special gypsum-based material. They are printed in full color and finished using our advanced process. Compared to standard processing, this gives our 3D figures an enhanced range of colors, more detail, protection from liquids and a smooth semi-gloss finish. All our 3D figures are 100% ‘Made in Germany’.

How it works.

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Choose your preferred provider from among our official partners and contact them to schedule a 3D scanning session. Our 3D Figures are currently available in Hong Kong, Germany, and Italy.

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3D Scan

During your appointment, scanning will take roughly 5–10 minutes for a single person, and slightly longer for several people.
Our state-of-the-art 3D scanner uses safe infrared light and normal photographs or canning— there is no health risk, even for pregnant women or newborn babies.

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Your 3D figure will be printed in full color using safe materials and industrial-grade 3D printers. After printing, your 3D figure will be carefully processed by hand in our 24-hour-long proprietary process, which creates our industry-leading surface quality.

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Your finished figure will then be shipped from our factory in Germany to the official partner you ordered from. Depending on your location, the delivery will take between two and four weeks.


3D Selfie example

3D Selfie

3D Bust example

3D Bust

3D Figure Wedding

3D Figure Wedding

3D Figure pregnancy

3D Figure pregnancy

3D Figure baby

3D Figure baby

3D Figure with accessory

3D Figure music instrument

The only limit on 3D printing is your imagination! Get a 3D figure of yourself (a ‘3D selfie’), or capture a very special moment in your life: your engagement, pregnancy, wedding, a newborn, your graduation, or an outstanding achievement in your job or sport, for instance. Adding accessories such as sports equipment or musical instruments is no problem—just contact one of our official partners and discuss your ideas!
Our 3D figurines are available in a variety of types (such as a 3D selfie, couple 3D figure, family 3D figure, baby 3D figure, 3D busts, 3D pet figure) and sizes. Standard sizes for our 3D figures are 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm and 25 cm, although other sizes are available on request.

More examples are below.

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