Rapid Prototyping

The rapid prototyping and manufacturing of small batch series is becoming increasingly important in today’s business world. Innovation and product lifecycles are getting shorter and shorter, requiring a highly efficient product development process as well as a fast product launch.

Rapid prototyping enables fast product development cycles through short iteration times, while rapid manufacturing provides you the opportunity to produce smaller, cost-effective batches of your product—as a pilot or as a highly individualized product.

3Faktur understands rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing as a holistic process in which we will support you from the beginning to the end of your project.

Prototypes and Small Batch Production with 3D Printing

The rapid production of prototypes, often referred to as ‘rapid prototyping’, remains the key application of 3D printing. In this process, the prototypes are digitally created as CAD files and subsequently 3D printed. Nowadays, a wide range of materials and technologies are available to create realistic prototypes for all kinds of applications. 
The key advantages of 3D printing are:

  • Low cost: For the production of small quantities, 3D printing is generally the most cost-effective way to go.
  • Turnaround times: The production time is only a few days, and for smaller parts may even be just a few hours.
  • Flexibility: (Almost) everything is possible. 3D printing not only provides an endless choice of materials, but also places fewer limitations on your design than injection molding or milling.

Anatomical model stereolithography SLA

Anatomical model lower leg by stereolithography 3D printing (SLA)

3D print with moving parts (Polyjet 3D print)

Moveable part printed by PolyJet

Prototype case PolyJet

Prototype case (material: VeroClear)

Polyjet 3D printed prototype robot arm

Prototype grab (PolyJet)

Polyjet 3D printed prototype pump

Visual prototype machine (ColorJet)

3D printed prototype lense mount

Prototype optical device (PolyJet)

Our End-to-End Service

Rapid Prototyping process schematic


Rapid prototyping step 2 - CAD design

The product is digitized with the help of sophisticated CAD software. This not only helps to visualize the product, but also forms the basis for 3D printing.
If you would prefer to create the CAD yourself, we can help you to optimize the design for rapid prototyping. However, we can also create the ACD file according to your specifications.

Concept Model

Rapid prototyping step 3 - concept model

Conceptual or Design studies allow a first iteration in your product development. The physical model makes it easier to check whether everything worked exactly as planned, and where improvements are necessary. 3D printing is the perfect technology, to realize your conceptual studies with very quick turnaround times.


Rapid prototyping step 4 - prototype

A prototype often evolves from several iterations of the conceptual study. It is 3D printed with sophisticated technology, in order to achieve characteristics as close as possible to the final mass-produced part.

Small Batches

Rapid prototyping step 5 - small batch production

Small batch series production is becoming increasingly popular – and necessary. With higher degrees of product individualization, mass production technologies like injection molding are often not cost-effective. Pre-series production runs for product testing or even pilot sales (e.g. Kickstarter campaigns) are also increasingly being used to improve designs and get instant market feedback.

Our Service for You

We support your project from the beginning to end – from digitizing your ideas to small series production. You can profit from our experience and capabilities as a full-service 3D printing provider. We know what technology is best for you, and we can help you to choose the materials and post-production finishing options. By offering professional, large-scale 3D printing technology, we are the right partner to help you realize your ideas.

If you already have created a CAD file, you can get a first quote here, for 3D modeling, or for small batch production please get in touch with us.

3D printing service

Instant Quote

If you have already created a 3D model, you can get an instant quote for our 3D printing service. You can choose between six different technologies and multiple material options.

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Manual Quote

For some specialized technologies, such as materials for Polyjet or Metals, and for all other requests about our rapid prototyping service, please get in touch with us.

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