ISO/ASTM 52920 - uniform requirements for additive manufacturing

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The ISO/ASTM 52920, successor to the DIN SPEC 17071, is the first guideline for quality assurance in industrial 3D printing. Originally developed jointly by TÜV Süd, Deutsche Bahn AG, MT Aerospace AG, and Siemens Mobility GmbH, the standard summarizes comprehensive testing requirements for the needs of additive manufacturing facilities. The basis of the testing serves the state of the art in the quality assurance of production facilities and their services.

More information about quality management and manufacturing at 3Faktur can be found on our Certified Additive Manufacturing page.

Until now, establishing additive manufacturing in industry has been difficult. The lack of standards, early maturity of processes, and limited experience made it challenging to deliver consistent product quality in additive manufacturing, especially for larger quantities.

The newly established ISO/ASTM 52920 considers all quality-relevant aspects. It defines uniform requirements for equipment, materials, and processes, as well as for employees and the documentation of work steps and infrastructure. The standardized quality control ensures, among other things, the examination of CAD models for manufacturability, monitoring of the raw material’s quality, maintenance, calibration, and care of the equipment – in short, control of all quality-relevant process parameters along the production chain.

As one of the first companies worldwide, 3Faktur GmbH has been TÜV certified since 2020 for its service competence as an industrial additive manufacturing facility for the Multi Jet Fusion process and has been recertified annually since. With this certification according to ISO/ASTM 52920, TÜV Süd confirms the high-quality standards of industrial 3D printing of plastic components at 3Faktur.

3Faktur is a 3D printing service provider specializing in the additive manufacturing of industrial plastic components. Highest quality is our priority to fully meet industrial standards. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, including AI, and a high degree of automation, our 3D printing service offers maximum repeatability and economic piece costs.

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