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Be at the forefront of the next industrial revolution! At 3Faktur you have the outstanding opportunity to join a young and highly ambitious company in one of the most dynamic and exciting industries – 3D printing. In this fast changing environment, it is highly motivated, creative and capable teams that make the difference between success and failure. Our people are therefore our highest priority, and we value motivation, loyalty, and commitment equally with your qualifications.
We are in constant need of talent and we encourage you to apply to your dream role even if there is no current opening – something will certainly come up soon!
Below is a list of typical roles we require. The working location is generally in Germany or Hong Kong, with the exception of country specific roles.

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Current openings

Internship: Production (in Germany, Opening in German)

Internship: Marketing (in Germany, Opening in German)

Roles and Positions

Responsibilities & Tasks
You are developing new product ideas and go-to-market plans with the help of the entire team of e.g., marketing professionals and product developers. But your work won’t stop here, as a real entrepreneurial person you will take over the business and bring it to market, either as a brand, or a stand-alone business with equity participation. While we need highly motivated and independent personalities, you can be sure you will never be on your own; you can count on the 3Faktur team and our advisers to provide the guidance and support you require.
Your profile
We look for committed, loyal, and highly motivated people, who enjoy the challenge of doing things that have not been done before. For this exciting, but challenging role you should have at least 5 years of professional experience, optimally in a commercial or strategic role in a corporate, and/or in consulting or investment companies. Optimally you already have some entrepreneurship experience. While we are open to different educational backgrounds, we expect a post-graduate degree for this role.
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