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May 14-16, 2024 | Erfurt, Germany

Visit us at Rapid.Tech 3D 2024. You will find us in hall 2 booth 2-201. More information about the event: Rapid.Tech 3D 2024

Product News

3D printed fan in white with yellow, blue, red, green and orange covers

Color range of PA 12 W extendended!

We increased the number of available colors for the material PA 12 W (PA 12 White) to 16 colors!

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Price differences for 3D printing service providers and cost differences in 3D printing explained

From the variety of printing technologies to the specific requirements of individual processes like Multi Jet Fusion, we cover everything you need to know to better understand 3D printing pricing. Learn how cross-process and process-specific reasons, from the type of machines used to country-specific production costs, can affect pricing. We also look at the critical aspects that determine the quality and cost of production - from work preparation and packing density to cooling time and quality control. Our article not only offers an insight into the technical details, but also provides practical tips on what you should look out for as a user of 3D printing services.


Technology Overview Color 3D Printing

Until recently, the rule in 3D printing was often, "As long as it's black." But times change, and so has the world of 3D printing. In our latest blog article, we take a look at the exciting evolution of monochrome and full-color 3D printed parts, and the innovative technologies behind them. Learn how you can produce high-quality single-color parts, whether it's by choosing the right raw material or using innovative dip-dyeing techniques. Also discover the world of "full-color" components, from cost-effective solutions to high-end technologies.


Plastics in 3D printing

There are a number of 3D printing processes and many more different plastics that can be processed in 3D printing. In this blog post, you will learn interesting facts about thermoplastics and thermosets, their typical properties and specific areas of application. We will inform you how 3D printing works with these plastics and which 3D printing processes and types of plastics are suitable for which specific areas of application due to their special properties.


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