Confidentiality agreement

In our business relationships, we handle your know-how and ideas on a daily basis. You trust us and expect us to handle all of your business and operational secrets, information, negotiations, and documents with strict confidentiality. We expect the same from our customers and partners.

Therefore, we invest a lot in data security, especially the design data of components. We ensure and guarantee that:

  • Third parties do not have access to the data
  • All data is stored encrypted
  • The data is not disclosed or used for personal purposes

If a confidentiality agreement is necessary, you can send us your own agreement or use our template. You can sign the fillable document electronically or print it out and sign it. Please send us the document via email, and we will send you the countersigned document back immediately.

If you would like to electronically sign the document, please download it and open it with Adobe Acrobat.

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