Express Production

Express Manufacturing Options

Polyamide 12

HP Jet Fusion PA12 Example Housing Part

Multi Jet Fusion

Express production time
4 working days

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How to Place Your Express Order

Online direct order: Upload your CAD data under ‘Instant Quote’. There you can trigger the order directly and immediately.

Notes for Your Express Order

Plan a time buffer, as production errors can occur. The specified production time corresponds approximately to the cycle time of the respective process. If production errors occur in the process, they often cannot be corrected due to the long cycle time (see below). In such cases (< 2% of cases), we will of course contact you. The cycle time of PA 12 is as follows:

  • Day 1: 3D printing (approx. 12 – 16 h)
  • Day 2 – 3: Cooling down (approx. 48 h are necessary)
  • Day 4: Post-processing (usually approx. 1 working day)

Production time ≠ delivery time: The delivery time results from the above-mentioned production time plus the shipping time. We ship within Germany exclusively with DHL Express. As a rule, the delivery arrives the next working day after production has been completed. In exceptional cases, however, this can be delayed by one day. Please note that DHL Express does not deliver on Saturdays. Order Express in the morning: Express orders are only processed on the same working day if the order is received before 12:00 noon. The reason is that production planning for the respective day is completed at 12:00 and the machines are started.


The surcharge for express production is a flat rate of 25% surcharge. In addition, a flat fee of EUR 15 (plus VAT) per item is charged. The reason for the surcharge lies in the production planning and the post-processing:

  • Production planning: The production planning for the respective machines is usually completed 24 – 48h before the print. However, for express production, printing on the same day is necessary, so the production has to be adjusted accordingly, which involves additional effort.
  • Prioritization in post-processing: Every day, a three- to four-digit number of components leave our factory. Due to the tight deadline, express components must be prioritized to ensure same-day shipping.
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