Certified Additive Manufacturing at 3Faktur

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3Faktur is specialized in additive series production. We rely exclusively on the “Multi Jet Fusion” process. Our specialization allows us a very high degree of optimization and efficiency. In doing so, we also meet the highest quality standards and are certified as an industrial additive manufacturing facility by TÜV Süd.

For you, this means reliable quality, replicability and delivery time at highly competitive prices.

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Multi Jet Fusion PA12 Component


Pre-processing forms the basis for successful production. Your parts go through an elaborate process before production is started. Our work preparation builds on the experience of hundreds of thousands of manufactured parts to optimally prepare your project.

Component orientation in 3Faktur production preparation


Part orientation has a decisive influence on dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Each component is individually analyzed and oriented by our experienced experts to ensure the best possible balance between surface quality and dimensional accuracy in all dimensions.

Manufacturing analysis at 3Faktur


All parts are subjected to a basic analysis to determine whether they can be manufactured or whether potential problems may exist. For example, the component is examined with regard to wall thicknesses or potentially problematic geometries, such as narrow internal channels, geometries at risk of warpage or similar.

individual production parameters in additive manufacturing

Customized Production Parameters

Individual production parameters are defined for each 3D model to achieve the best possible result. For example, the distance to other components and the position in the build chamber are defined individually.

individual process runs in the 3faktur production

Customized Pathways

Every part is different, every project has its own specific requirements. An individual process flow (‘pathway’) is defined for each order, which, in addition to basic processing steps, also contains geometry-specific instructions for the workers.

Nesting: Placement of 3D printed parts in the build space


Once all parameters have been defined, the next step is “nesting”. In this process, all parts of a production cycle (typically 50 – 300 components) are nested in such a way that an optimal ‘job’ is created. The aim here is to achieve as balanced a heat profile as possible. The more even the heat distribution in the printer, the better the dimensional accuracy, surface finish and mechanical properties.
The ‘art’ is to prepare the part for a job as optimally as possible and to select the number and type of components. This requires a great deal of intuition and, above all, experience.

3D Printing Series Parts

Defined Production Cycles for Batch Production

If parts are produced in hundreds or thousands and called off regularly, individual production profiles can be created. The quality achieved is intensively evaluated after the first run and, if necessary, the parameters are further optimized. The aim here is to ensure the best possible replicability and quality. In addition to general production parameters, this also includes ensuring that series parts are always produced on an identical hardware combination.

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3D Printing

Industrial production is demanding and the difference between success and failure is usually in the details. That’s where additive manufacturing is no different from conventional production processes.

Our high degree of specialization allows us to optimize down to the smallest detail, ensuring that even your highest demands are exceeded.

quality-oriented 3D printing parameters for additive manufacturing

Quality-Oriented Print Parameters

Printing is carried out in “Balanced Mode” (layer thickness for polyamide 12: 80 µm). The mode offers an optimum balance of mechanical load-bearing capacity, surface quality and dimensional accuracy. An individual parameter set is defined for each production cycle, which is based on the experience of thousands of cycles.

slow cooling process in the 3Faktur production line

Slow Cooling Process

During 3D printing, the installation space in the printer heats up very strongly. We set the cooling phase to be very long (at least 2 days) and refrain from accelerating the cooling phase (“fast cooling”), since an extended cooling time significantly improves dimensional stability, mechanical properties and surface quality.

Production environment in 3Faktur manufacturing

Controlled Production Environment

The thermal processing of polymers requires high demands on the production environment. Our production facilities are fully air-conditioned so that temperature and humidity are always kept constant to ensure maximum replicability in series production.

3D printer in 3Faktur manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing Technology

Our machinery includes state-of-the-art production equipment, which is maintained and calibrated before each production cycle. High replicability is the measure of all things for us, which is why wear parts are also usually renewed before they expire, in order to avoid possible quality effects at the end of their service life.

high capacities in additive manufacturing at 3Faktur


Due to our high level of specialization, we have sufficient capacity in both production technology and post-procesing to handle even large quantities. In multi-shift and weekend operation, we also absorb utilization peaks and were thus able to achieve an “on time delivery” rate of over 99% in 2021.

high quality raw materials for 3D printing

High Quality
Raw Materials

We use only certified, high-quality raw materials, for production and in post-processing. Each new batch of material is checked – and also before each production cycle, we check that the raw material meets our high quality standards.

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The actual 3D printing is only one part of the production chain; further processing steps are required for the finished product. Here, we rely on documented, highly optimized processes to always provide you with high-quality and replicable components.

Replicable processes in manufacturing at 3Faktur


As a specialized supplier, we concentrate all resources on one manufacturing process. Thousands of components pass through this process every week under constant and optimized conditions. Each cycle is logged and controlled and continuously improved.

optimized plant technology at 3Faktur

Optimized Machinery

In order to optimize the quality, replicability and efficiency of the manufacturing processes, we also rely on special machines designed and manufactured for our requirements, which help us to make our production processes even better.

great wealth of experience in additive 3D printing


As one of the first providers of Multi Jet Fusion technology in Germany, we can build on a wealth of experience. Our processes are documented, controlled and stable and reliable even during peak loads or unforeseen events (e.g. machine failure). That doesn’t mean we can’t get even better: we focus on continuous improvement to exceed your high standards every day.

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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance starts as soon as we receive your order. Various checks take place at each step in the production chain to identify and address potential problems at an early stage. The actual quality control represents the final step and includes individual specifications as well as numerous tests on your parts and production samples.

systematic test procedure - quality control at 3Faktur

Quality Assurance

Quality checks are performed at all production steps in our manufacturing. Various control and measurement steps are carried out in the final quality control. This includes, among other things, individually agreed measurement protocols, various spot checks, and intensive testing of accompanying production samples.

modern testing technology in the 3Faktur quality control department

Testing Technology

Additive manufacturing allows the production of very complex geometries. We can test most geometries in our QM laboratory with modern measuring technologysuch microscopies or laser based scanners.

individual plans for testing additive 3D printed parts

Test Plans

In additive series production, we often use individual, i.e. part-specific, measurement protocols. Specific measuring points essential for the function of the components are tested or functional tests are carried out. In addition to the type of tests, the individually agreed number of samples, up to 100%, is also determined.

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