The surface quality of 3D printed parts

Surface quality of 3D printed parts cover

The surface properties of industrial 3D printing technologies vary greatly. We provide a short overview for the most important technologies, incl. Ra and Rz values by technology, post processing methods and sample images.

The properties of 3D printed plastic parts

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This article provides an overview over the general properties from parts produced with industrial 3D printers. Learn about the surface properties, mechanic strength, tolerances and other characteristics of additive manufactured plastic parts.

Fluid Tightness of HP Multi Jet Fusion PA 12 Components

Beitragsbild Wasserdichtheit von HP Jet Fusion PA12 Teilen

Fluid tightness is an often-discussed topic in 3D printing. While industrially manufactured laser sintering parts are rather porous and therefore often not water tight, HP’s multi jet fusion technology generates parts that are fluid tight without further processing. This article provides an overview of the part characteristics, incl. wall thickness and geometry recommendations.