Spare Parts from 3D Printing

Ersatzteil 3D Druck optisches Bauteil

Substitute of a component for an optical device. Produced in Vero Black und Vero White mittels Polyjet 3D-Druck.

Ersatzteil 3D-Druck Radio

Knobs for a vintage radio. Left: original; right: printed in FDM (PLA).

Ersatzteil 3D-Druck bewegliches Teil

Even movable pieces can be printed as a single piece. This example was printed with Polyjet.

Ersatzteil 3D-Druck Halterungen technisches Gerät

Simple holder for a technical device. These pieces were printed in Nylon with Laser Sintering and resist higher mechanical pressures.

Most people have been faced with the difficulty of trying to find a spare part for an everyday device which has broken (e.g. a handle for a refrigerator, a knob for a radio or various holders, bases and cases). Without this piece, the device may no longer work or may have only limited function. If it is an older model, it can be difficult or even impossible to get the spare part, or the costs may be prohibitive.

Before buying a new device, you should consider whether a 3D printing service couldn’t be a better alternative. All you need is a 3D model of the piece, from which we create a ‘copy’ using a 3D printing material of your choice. In general, you have three options:

  • Your own construction, using a 3D program: particularly for geometrically simple objects, this is the best and cheapest solution.
  • Technical drawing: if you have little experience with 3D programs and your component is simple, you can send us just a technical drawing. For very simple parts, even a photo can be sufficient, with detailed indications of dimensions.
  • 3D scan: of course, you can scan your object if you have a 3D scanner. Alternatively, you can send us the damaged piece (if possible, please also include an intact one). If you want to send us your object, we would ask you to send us a photo or e-mail first, so we can determine whether it is suitable for a scan due to its size, material texture or geometry.

Once the model is created, we can start with the print. You can choose from a wide range of materials and technologies. We are happy to advise you on material properties and the advantages or disadvantages of various 3D printing processes.
Of course, our3D printing service isn’t just for spare parts but also for individually designed objects. Just get in touch with us, and we will prove to be a competent partner for your 3D printing projects.

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Ersatzteile Young- und Oldtimer mit 3D-Druck

Spare Parts for Classic or Vintage Cars.

An important aspect of 3D printing is spare parts for classic and vintage cars. In this area, 3D printing is becoming increasing important. Learn more about the procedures used and the costs that can be expected.

Spare Parts for Classic and Vintage Cars