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3D printing is not just a new method for producing established product classes; it offers the opportunity to create completely new product types. One of the fields where this technology has rapidly become applicable is science and education.

There are two main applications: individualized lab equipment and visualization. Individualized lab equipment offers significant shortcuts for your experimental set-up, while visualization helps you to turn your imaging data (such as NMR, CT, MRT or microscopy) into real objects—even at much larger scales.

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3D Printing of Anatomical Models

With 3D printing, anatomical models can become tangible. These can offer standard or individualized models for patients, and can be used for surgery preparation. A CT or MRI scan, or even a medical ultrasound, can be sufficient as a data input.
The model can be printed in color using either full-colored plaster or plastic using  Polyjet technology. With PolyJet, colored structures can be coated with a transparent layer.

3D Druck Molekülmodell GFP

3D Printing of Molecular Models

Macromolecules, and especially proteins, are very important in the biological sciences. It is essential to understand these 3D structures to understand the function and functionality of the molecules. Physical models of these structures are rarely available, since it is too complex to produce them using conventional methods. However, with 3D printing, it is possible to make these complex structures tangible in the form of a physical model.

Read more about 3D printing of molecule models and the 3D GFP molecule model.

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