CAD-Design and 3D-Scanning


Reverse Engineering

Repairing 3D Files

3D Modelling

The process of reverse engineering takes a physical object and digitizes it. This can be done in two main ways:

  • Construction: the object is measured using various technologies (e.g., measuring microscopes, laser-based systems or micrometers) and constructed using CAD programs
  • 3D scanning: depending on the requirements, size and material characteristics, we can offer several methods for 3D scanning (e.g., 3D laser scanning). The most detailed method is a micro-CT system—using this system, even internal structures can be digitized in high resolution

Reverse engineering is particularly suitable for pieces without a data file or for spare parts.

3D scans are often incomplete and need manual repair. CAD files also often need specific adaptions to make them printable with a given method or material. Our team of experienced engineers and designers will gladly support you in this.

It is also possible to create a complete 3D CAD file. In this process, it does not matter whether it is a first draft of an idea or a 2D file, as often used in architecture. Our experienced team will happily facilitate your project.

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