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Colorjet is the major 3D printing technology to create full-color parts. Full-color plaster can be printed with more than 360,000 colors, at a layer height of only 0.1 mm – the results are stunningly realistic, fully-colored 3D printed parts. Since no support structures are required during printing, even very complex shapes can be realized. Full-color plaster is mainly used for design prototypes, architectural models, science & education, art, fantasy and merchandise products.


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Colorjet (3DP)

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Max. size

381 x 254 x 203 mm

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Lead Time

2 – 5 business days

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± 0,5% with a lower limit of 0,5 mm

Material Details

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Architectural Models

3D printed architectural model

Full-color plaster is ideal for architecture models. Besides the ability to 3D print in color, the premium feel of the surface and weight are particularly advantageous compared to plastics. Large models and complex terrain can be quickly produced with this 3D printing technology.
For more information, please visit our Architectural Models Site.

Design /

3D printed sculptures

Full-color plaster is made for creative people. It allows 3D printing in full-color and low price. Furthermore, since the technology does not require support material, complex shapes can be printed – perfect for experimental designs! In art, full-color plaster is preferred in it’s white, raw color. Since the material is gypsum-based, it provides a very authentic look, feel and weight for 3D printed sculptures.

3D Figures

3D Figure

3D figures are becoming popular around the world to capture special moments or your unique personal style. Unlike two-dimensional photos, a 3D figure is a full-color statue of yourself. 3Faktur produces 3D figures for scanning studios and as merchandise for customers all around the world. More…

Fair & Sales Models

Colorjet 3D printed exhibition model

Complex machines or systems are often 3D printed as full-color scale models for better visualization during sales pitches, exhibitions, and fairs. Moving parts can be integrated, either directly with plaster or, in case of thin pieces, supplemented by other 3D printing technologies (e.g. PolyJet, SLA). More…

Science & Education

3D printed molecule model protein

Full-color plaster is used to create individual models for surgery preparation (e.g. based on CT scans), anatomical or molecule models for education. The material has two major advantages that make it superior for these applications: it can be printed including colors, thus making it easier to highlight certain areas of interest, as well as the lack of support structures, which allows even printing of very complex, biological structures. More…

  • Set-up fee: EUR 5.00 (excl. 19% VAT or 5.95 incl. 19% VAT) per object
  • Material fee: EUR 0.80 (excl. 19% VAT or 0.95 incl. 19% VAT) / cm³ material volume
  • Pricing includes premium surface finishing (smoothing & clear coat sealing)

Look & Feel

  • The surface of the raw print is rough. We smooth the surface and add a clear coat, which makes the colors slightly darker, but protects the models against humidity and UV exposure.
  • While the colors are overall comparable with a home inkjet printer, they are a more dull and have less contrast.
  • Due to the look & feel, the material is often referred to as ‘full-color sandstone’.


  • The material is brittle and breaks easily. It is therefore only intended for decorative purpose and does not belong into children’s hands.
  • Even though we protect the model with a clear coat sealing, the models should still be protected from sunlight and humidity / liquids.


14.2 MPa

of break

0.23 %

Modulus of Elasticity

9,450 MPa


31 MPa

Vicat A




Symbol Wall Thicknes

Minimum Wall Thickness
Generally the wall thickness should be at least 3 mm. For short (<1 cm) walls 2 mm is sufficient.

Symbol Cavities

Empty cavities can be printed, however, escape holes are required to remove the excess material. Please leave escape holes of at least 10 mm diameter. For larger cavities, please add two 10 mm diameter escape holes or a larger one (e.g. 25 mm diameter).

Symbol Distance

Clearance Gap
If your file contains two or more close but separate sections, please design at least a 1 mm gap in between, to prevent them from fusing together.

Symbol Resolution

To ensure details like raised/embossed text is clearly visible, you should design a depth of at least 0.5 mm.

Symbol Interlocking Objects

Interlocking Parts
Interlocking parts, such as moveable parts, can be printed pre-assembled using ColorJet. However, please allow a distance of at least 1 mm between the parts.

Symbol Bounding Box

The maximum size of an object cannot exceed 381 x 254 x 203 mm. If your model is larger, it must be divided into several pieces.

Standard Finishing

  • Cleaning part from excess material
  • Infiltration with cyanoacrylate (‘Super Glue’)
  • Surface smoothing
  • Clear coat (incl. UV protection)

Optional Finishing

  • Epoxy coating
  • Epoxy infiltration
  • Spray painting

ColorJet 3D printers works much like an ink jet printer. However, rather than printing on paper, the printer prints on thin layers of white plaster powder.

The “ink” in this process is actually the binder that holds the powder together. There are 5 different colored binders which are mixed to directly create the colors of the model while simultaneously creating the shape.

The third-dimension is created by printing each layer on top of the previous layer and binding the printed sections across the layers. After finishing one layer, the printing platform moves downward (~ 0.1 mm), new plaster is applied and the next layer is printed. This process then goes on and repeats as often as needed.

If your model is, for example, 10 cm high, it will consist of 1,000 x 0.1 mm thick layers. Consequently, the process must be repeat exactly 1,000 times. The print of a 10 cm high model takes roughly 8-12 hours.

Lean more about ColorJet 3D Printing.

3D Colorjet Printing schematic

Colorjet process schematic. Source: Wikipedia

Colorjet 3D printing process. Source: / 3D-Systems