PA 12 W (Polyamide 12 White)

PA 12 W is a Polyamide 12 (“Nylon 12”) and differs from our standard PA 12 (HP High Reusability PA 12) mainly in color. PA 12 W is white and can therefore be colored as desired.
The material is processed in the Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing process, is a rigid, high-quality and versatile plastic, which was developed for additive series production.

3d printed white PA 12W fan with yellow, blue, red, green and orange colored frame

Brief Info

Multi Jet Fusion Technology

Multi Jet Fusion

PA 12 W Colors

Yellow (“Lemon”)
Red (“Candy Apple”)
Blue (“HP Blue”)
Special color

Multi Jet Fusion build chamber

Build Chamber
min. 10 mm
max. 380 mm

PA 12 W production time

Production Time
10 business days

Accuracy PA 12 W

± 0,5 %
(min. ± 0,5 mm)

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Component for a housing made of the material PA 12 W

Data courtesy of HP

Material Properties

Mechanical Properties

  • Tensile strength: ~ 48 ± 5 MPa
  • Elongation at break: 13 ± 6
  • Modulus of elasticity: 1,500 ± 200 MPa
  • Density: ~0.9 – 1.0 g /cm³ (depending on geometry)

Polyamide 12 is a strong, very resilient and durable plastic. The material properties are largely isotropic (same mechanical key figures in all orientations).

Thermal Resistance

  • Heat deflection temperature (HDT) at 0.45 MPa: 175 °C
  • Heat deflection temperature (HDT) at 1.82 MPa: 95 °C

For permanent loads, 95 °C should not be exceeded. For short-term loads, up to max. 120 °C are possible, depending on the geometry. Especially with thin walls (< 2 mm) and/or simultaneous mechanical or dynamic stress, the load capacity is reduced.

Surface Properties

  • Roughness Ra bottom side: 5 ± 2 µm
  • Roughness Ra top side: 10 ± 2 µm
  • Roughness Ra slope (45°): 8 ± 2 µm

The raw material processed in the Multi Jet Fusion is a powder. This results in a slightly rough surface, similar to fine sandpaper. The stair-step effects (print lines) typical in 3D printing are visible at shallow angles (up to approx. 15°) and are quite fine, since the layer thickness is only 80 micron.

Off-White, with a slight bluish tint. The color remains stable even under UV exposure and does not yellow (Delta E deviation below 2.5 / 1,000 hours).


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Quality inspection at 3Faktur


The general tolerance during the introduction phase (“beta”) is 0.5 mm for up to 100 mm outside dimension, above its 0.5 %. In the case of large-area, flat geometries, warpage may occur.

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Camera cover additively manufactured in PA 12 white - colored in red, yellow, blue, green and orange


PA 12 W can be dyed. The Deep Dye Coloring process developed by Dyemansion is used for this purpose. The coloring is UV stable and replicable.

Standard colors

Dyeing in these colors is performed on a regular basis. They are listed in the Online 3D Printing Service as separate colors under Polyamide 12 W (white).

Standard color for PA 12 W Multi Jet Fusion - Yellow - Lemon
Standard color for PA 12 W Multi Jet Fusion - Red - Candy Apple
Standard color for PA 12 W Multi Jet Fusion - Blue - HP Blue

Special colors

These colors are used only upon customer request, thus the minimum turnover is higher than for standard colors. The process is identical. In our 3D printing price calculation, you can select this option under Polyamide 12 W (white) -> Color “White” -> “Other Services” -> “Special Colors” -> “Colorize with Special Color”. After selecting this option, you can choose the corresponding spot color in a drop-down field.

Special color for PA 12 W Multi Jet Fusion - Skin color - Fair Skin
Special color for PA 12 W Multi Jet Fusion - Orange - Orange 11
Special color for PA 12 W Multi Jet Fusion - Green - Avocado

Special color for PA 12 W Multi Jet Fusion - Light blue - Eivissa Blue
Special color for PA 12 W Multi Jet Fusion - Blue - Ocean
Special color for PA 12 W Multi Jet Fusion - Pink - Peony Pink
Special color for PA 12 W Multi Jet Fusion - Violet - Very Peri

Vapor Smoothing (Chemical Smoothing)
Chemical surface treatment that produces a non-porous surface with reduced roughness. Major applications are liquid or gas carrying components, components where easy cleaning is required (medical, clean room) or as a basis for subsequent coating processes (reduction ‘outgassing’, reduction porosity, smoothing). More Information

Notes on ordering

Delivery time: + 5 working days
Price: depending on number of pieces and size, typical unit costs of approx. EUR 7 – EUR 10; plus VAT.

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Design Guidelines

Minimum Wall thickness

Minimum Wall Thicknesses
The minimum wall thickness should not be less than 1 mm. For longer objects/surfaces or for objects exposed to mechanical loads, you should increase the wall thickness.


Hollowed objects can be printed, but openings (min. 10 mm diameter) must be inserted so that excess material can be removed. For larger cavities, you should plan for several openings. The source material is compacted during the printing process, so excess material is very difficult to remove.


Keep a distance of min. 0.5 mm for grooves or walls that are close to each other. Individual objects (“shells”) must always be uploaded as a separate file unless they are firmly connected to each other.


Details down to a size of approx. 0.5 mm can be displayed.

Interlocked objects

Interlocked Objects
Interlocked objects can be printed. Please note the minimum distance between the objects of min. 0.5 mm. Also note that the corresponding areas are accessible in order to be able to remove excess material powder.


The object should not be larger than 370 x 274 x 380 mm.

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3D printed skin colored arm orthosis

Data courtesy of HP


The PA 12 W material can be used for rapid prototyping as well as is for additive series production of end-use parts. The material differs from our standard PA12 in color, the mechanical properties are comparable. PA 12 W is white and can be dyed into numerous colors.

PA 12 W is therefore particularly suitable for white & colored components in visible areas. Applications include, for example:

White housing printed with the multi jet fusion technology in whitw PA 12 W

Data courtesy of HP

The high mechanical strength and the possibility of coloring the durable and robust material make it ideal for an application of housings and panels.

Invent_Medical_DyeMansion_Multi Jet Fusion PA 12 W - 3d printed orthotic helmet

Data courtesy of HP

Depending on the required properties, polyamide 12 is used in addition to TPU. PA 12 W enables the production of colored orthoses.

Ed Lighting_Multi Jet Fusion PA 12 W - 3D printed lights

Data courtesy of HP

Consumer Products
Colors often play a greater role in consumer products than in industrial components. Here, PA 12 W enables versatile possibilities for the production of white and colored products and product components.

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