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3Faktur is a leading service provider in the manufacturing of industrial 3D printed components. Over the years, we have shifted our focus from prototype manufacturing and the creation of demonstration models to the production of additive series components. Against this background, our website still contained content that no longer reflects the latest state of our offerings and capabilities. Below, we offer you an overview of topics you might be searching for, as well as information about the current alternatives we provide.

Laser sintering

As an alternative to plastic laser sintering (“Selective Laser Sintering” or “SLS”), Multi Jet Fusion (“MJF”) is available to you. This process also primarily uses Polyamide 12, with Polyamide 11 and TPU available as alternatives. In terms of mechanical resilience, detail resolution, and surface quality, MJF is generally superior to laser sintering or at least equivalent.


FDM / FFF – Filament 3D Printing

As an alternative, Multi Jet Fusion is available. It is important to note that different materials are used in this process. In the FFF method, materials such as ABS, PLA, or PETG are commonly used, while MJF employs for rigid plastics mainly Polyamide 12. For elastomers, TPU is often processed in both methods.


Stereolithography (SLA) or DLP

As an alternative for functional, durable components, we offer Polyamide 12. To enhance the surface quality, we provide the Vapor Smoothing process (chemical smoothing).

Polyamide components are, as a rule, more durable and long-lasting than the materials typically used in SLA, although they come with a rougher surface due to technical reasons.


Polyjet, Colorjet and Metal 3D printing

For these technologies, we currently do not offer any practical alternatives. An overview of the materials available from us can be found here: Material Overview.

CB PA 12 – full color Multi Jet Fusion

This technology has been withdrawn from the market by the manufacturer. 3Faktur does no longer offer full-color 3D printing technologies. For single-color components, we offer the combination of PA 12 W and Deep Dye Coloring.


3Faktur specializes in the manufacturing of industrial plastic components. Unfortunately, we can no longer undertake the production of complex demonstration models or full-color models.

Creation of 3D models based on photos or drawings

Due to our specialization in the manufacturing of industrial plastic components, we are unfortunately unable to create models, especially models of a non-technical nature. We ask for your understanding in this matter.


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