A| Ordering Process

A1. What is the minimum order value?

  • Per order: EUR 50,- plus 19% VAT.
  • For post-processing:
    • Minimum order value for grinding: EUR 50,- plus VAT per order
    • Minimum order value for painting: EUR 100,- plus VAT per order
    • Minimum order value for chemical smoothing: EUR 7,- plus VAT per component

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A2. What discounts are possible?

Discounts are calculated based on the total volume and quantity of a component in an order. To determine the discount for a component in an instant quote, you can adjust the quantity in the configurator accordingly.

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A3. Which file formats can I upload?

For an instant quote, you can use the following formats: STL, STP, STEP

If you have other 3D formats and cannot convert or export them as STEP, please contact our customer service.

Please note: Unfortunately, no quotes can be created from drawings, illustrations, or photos.

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A4. What is the difference between an instant quote and a manual quote?

With an instant quote, you upload your CAD data to our online configurator, and based on your specifications (such as material, color, finishing options, and quantity), a price is immediately calculated. You can also download this quote. For online orders or downloaded quotes (without changes), you receive a 3% online discount.

With a manual quote, you submit the data to us, and a customer service representative will create a quote for you. This takes a maximum of one working day.

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A5. Can I download my instant quote as a PDF?

You can find detailed instructions on our page: “Quotation and ordering process“.

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A6. How does the ordering process work?

You can find detailed instructions on our page: “Quotation and ordering process“.

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A7. How long is a quote valid for?

Unless otherwise agreed, a quote is valid for 30 days.

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A8. How are prices calculated?

Our prices are calculated using an algorithm that takes into account various factors from the 3D model, such as maximum dimensions of the workpiece or the necessary material volume.

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A9. I have a 2D drawing and want it to be converted to a 3D model. How does that work?

If it is a standardized technical drawing, it may be possible to create a 3D file. Please contact our customer service for this. The effort for this will be calculated based on the required hours.

We cannot implement rough sketches, photos of components, and non-technical geometries (such as organic structures, etc.).

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A10. Are there other ways of transferring data?

For a manual quote or an order, in addition to our online portal, you can also send your files to us by email. Alternatively, you can use other transfer systems such as WeTransfer, Whisply, or your internal solutions (such as FTP servers).

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A11. Can we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?

You can fill out our non-disclosure agreement here and create a PDF directly. This way, you can easily print out the template and add the signature.

Of course, you can also send us a non-disclosure agreement from your company. It will be reviewed and, if there are no problems, signed within 3 business days.

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A12. I am ordering from abroad. Can I order without German value-added tax?

In which cases can the calculation of value-added tax be waived?

Deliveries outside the EU as well as intra-community deliveries to companies within the EU can be exempt from sales tax. For an intra-community delivery, the specification of the value-added tax identification number (VAT-ID) of the company is mandatory.

A prerequisite for both cases is that the delivery is made to the corresponding country. A delivery within Germany is subject to sales tax even with a foreign invoice address.


When placing your order in our online system, provide the corresponding billing and delivery address. For companies within the EU, also provide the VAT ID. The system calculates the VAT automatically.

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A13. Can I get a quote without a 3D file, using a drawing or an image?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The calculation of production prices uses various parameters from the 3D file, which cannot be easily extracted from an image file.

From a standardized technical drawing, a 3D model can possibly be created for an additional fee. However, we do not offer the creation of 3D data based on sketches, schematic drawings, or photos as a general rule.

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B1. What shipping methods does 3Faktur offer?

We only ship within Germany with DHL Express (delivery on the next business day) for a flat rate of EUR 12 plus 19% VAT (EUR 14.28 including 19% VAT) regardless of quantity.

For urgent orders, we offer the option of “Delivery before 12 p.m. on the next business day”. For this service, we charge a flat rate of EUR 20 plus 19% VAT (EUR 23.80 including 19% VAT), also regardless of quantity.

For multiple orders to be shipped to the same address at the same time, you can choose the option of “shipping combination” for the following orders after selecting your shipping preference for the first order. Your orders will then be delivered in one package, and the shipping costs will only be charged once.

Pickup in person is also possible.

More information (including international shipping): Shipping methods

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B2. How long are the delivery times?

The delivery time corresponds to the production time (specified when ordering) plus the shipping time:

  • The production time always indicates the maximum period of production, usually the parts are shipped earlier. In case of production delays of more than one working day, we will contact you. You can find the options for the different production times on the material pages for Polyamide 12 and for TPU.
  • Shipping is done with DHL Express for all shipments within Germany (excluding islands) (delivery the next working day).

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B3. Which customs tariff numbers (HS code) are used?

Plastic parts (PA 12, TPU): HS Code 39269097

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C1. What payment methods does 3Faktur offer?

  • Companies: Invoice payment, PayPal, credit card
  • Universities, public institutions: Invoice payment, PayPal, credit card.
  • Private customers: Only advance payment (PayPal, credit card, bank transfer)

Note: All payment methods are free of charge.

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D| Technical Issues

D1. What 3D printing processes does 3Faktur offer?

3Faktur specializes in the Multi Jet Fusion process. Currently, we process two materials: Polyamide 12 (PA 12), a solid and highly resilient plastic, as well as TPU, an elastomer with a Shore hardness of A 93 ± 3.

Our focus on a single manufacturing technology allows for economically and high-quality additive manufacturing of small and medium-sized series.

We have a highly automated process chain that allows us to ensure high replicability. Furthermore, due to our flexible production and high machine capacities, we are able to produce large orders at short notice. This is reflected in our on-time rate of >99% in 2021.

3Faktur works with a QMS according to ISO 9001:2015 and is also certified as an industrial additive manufacturing facility according to prEN ISO/ASTM 52920.

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D2. What post-processing options are available?

The following standard processes are offered for Polyamide 12:

  • Black dyeing: A dip dyeing process followed by a second shot peening process. Suitable for visible parts to achieve a more homogeneous and scratch-resistant surface.
  • Chemical smoothing: A chemical surface sealing and smoothing. Suitable for easier cleaning of components (e.g. in medical and cleanroom technology), gas and liquid-conducting components (sealing by surface sealing), and visible parts where a high degree of gloss is desired.

Deburring (reduction of surface roughness) and coating (wet painting) are also possible upon request. An overview of our surface finishing options can be found here.

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D3. What are the minimum wall thicknesses, maximum sizes, and other limitations?

The technical specifications, such as minimum wall thicknesses, distances, or maximum sizes, depend on the material. You can find the current information on the material detail pages:

The details can be found under “Details” on the respective pages. For further questions, please contact our customer service at +49 (0)3641 225910-20 or contact us by email.

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