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3Faktur is the service provider in the field of 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping and offers customized solutions for your company. Benefit from our great technological range as well as fast delivery periods and competent advice.

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3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping Service

3Faktur is your partner for prototypes, models and small batch series. With our wide range of services and technologies, you will surely find the qualitative and economic ideal solution for your project. We support you from job-order manufacturing to individual projects. 


We take ‚Rapid‘ Prototyping literally. More than 90% our orders are delivered within 3 working days.


With the wide range of services and technologies, we personally advise you in order to find the best solution for your project together.


Not just quality and delivering periods, but also the prices are right. Gladly we advise you about the possibilities you have to minimize your costs for your project.

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Best solutions for your request

The applications of the 3D printing technology are manifold and steadily growing. As a 3D printing & Rapid Prototyping service provider, we have extensive experiences with a wide range of applications and customer requests.

Produktentwicklung: Rapid Prototying & CAD-Design Symbolbild
Produktion mit 3D Druck: Beispiel Lasersintern Brillenrahmen
3D-Druck Spezialanwendungen

Our Online 3D Printing Service

Use our online 3D Printing Service – just upload a model and choose material and technology. Then you automatically get an instant quote.

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…we manufacture your 3D print according to your request.

Our Options – Your Choice

  • Six professional 3D Printing technologies
  • More than 40 materials and material options
  • Individual Finishing pptions

Stereolithography Sample Images


  • Visual and functional prototypes
  • Original Molds for Casting
  • Transparent Components


  • Smooth Surface
  • Low Tolerances
  • Wide Range of Materials


  • Standard Resin
  • ABS-like Resin
  • Castable Resin
  • Biocompatible Resin
Lasersintering Sample Images


  • Functional Prototypes
  • Small Batch Series
  • Geometrical complex components


  • Material thermal, chemical and mechanical stable
  • Designing freedom: no supporting structures needed
  • Higher piece numbers possible


  • PA2200 (‘Nylon’)
Polyjet Multijet Modeling MJM Sample Images


  • Multi-material prototypes
  • Prototypes with high tolerance demands
  • Components composed of rubber-like materials


  • Low layer thickness
    (15 – 30 µm)
  • Low tolerances
    (~ 100 µm)
  • High material variety


  • Vero (rigid)
  • Tango (rubber-like)
  • Digital ABS
  • Simulated Polypropylene
FFF FDM Filamanet 3D Printing Sample Images


  • Hobby models
  • Early stages of drafts
  • Merchandising


  • Low-cost
  • Quick
  • Organic material available (PLA)


  • ABS
  • PLA
Direct Metal 3D Printing (SLM) Sample Images


  • Metal components
  • High- tensile prototypes
  • Biocompatible components (Titanium)


  • Material nearly free of pores
  • Lightweight structures realizable
  • Multiple metals available


  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
Colorjet Full Color 3D Printing Sample Images


  • Architectural models
  • 3D figures
  • Visual prototypes & models


  • Full-colored printing
  • No supporting structures
  • Good visual appearance & haptics


  • Full-colored plaster

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