Additive Manufacturing of Industrial Plastic Parts

3Faktur is your service provider for additive series production of high-quality industrial plastic parts.

  • High capacity and short delivery times
  • Attractive unit costs
  • Certified industrial quality standards (ISO 9001 & prEN ISO/ASTM 52920).
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additively manufactured black component

Our Services

3Faktur is an industrial 3D printing service provider. On behalf of our more than 2,000 industrial customers we manufacture end-use parts as series (“Additive Manufacturing”) or individual production (“Rapid Prototyping”) using 3D printing.
More than 120,000 additive manufactured parts leave our plant every year. We rely on in-house manufacturing to optimze all processes – from production-oriented design for additive manufacturing and optimized 3D printers to the integrated and largely automated process chain comprising post-processing and quality assurance

white sphere as optimization representation of the construction


We support you in optimizing the design of your components for 3D printing.

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Symbol for additive manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

We 3D print your parts on-demand in the following materials: Polyamide 12, Polyamide 12 W or TPU.

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smooth ball as surface treatment of components


For the final touch to your components, we offer several surface finishing options.

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Your Advantages with 3Faktur

For your high demands, we get everything out of 3D printing: digitized business processes, an industry-leading level of manufacturing automation, high production capacities and highly quality-optimized and certified processes.

high quality

Highest Quality Standards
Each component is prepared individually, optimal production parameters and manufacturing paths are determined and continuously tested in the process. Our production thereby works according to the highest quality standard of industrial additive manufacturing,the prEN ISO/ASTM 52920.

reliable machining

Reliable Machining
Rapid quoting, in real time, immediate order processing and an on-time rate of over 99% – we deliver reliably and keep our promises.

attractive prices

Attractive Prices
Thanks to automation and process optimization, you benefit from attractive pricing, especially for larger quantities.

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black component made of PA 12 (polyamide 12)

Data courtesy of HP

PA 12

Polyamide 12 (PA 12) is the “all-rounder” among engineering plastics and has a wide range of applications. The material impresses with its mechanical strength, chemical resistance and durability.

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white additive manufactured housing made of PA 12 W

Data courtesy of HP

PA 12 W (white)

The material properties of PA 12 W are comparable to PA 12, the main difference being the color. PA 12 W is white and can be colored as desired.

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various 3D printed TPU components

Data courtesy of Lubrizol


TPU is a flexible plastic (Shore hardness approx. 93A) and sets new standards in additive manufacturing with its stability. The material is used for cushioning, handles, seals, orthoses, grippers or heavily loaded housings and covers.

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Manufacturing Technology

3Faktur employees on Multi Jet Fusion systems

Multi Jet Fusion is a powder-based additive manufacturing technology. The process was developed specifically for industrial use and therefore differs significantly from more prototype-oriented 3D printing technologies.

3Faktur was one of the first users of Multi Jet Fusion and is now one of the top 10 users of this technology in Europe. This specialization enables us to create a highly optimized production environment with quality oriented processesa extensive process chain and an industry-leading level of automation..

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State of the Art Digital Manufacturing

3Faktur employees programming the automation of component de-powdering


automated component sorting machine

part sorting

In-line quality control

quality control

automated part packaging

part packaging

At 3Faktur, additive manufacturing is consistently focused on series production and industrial requirements. For this purpose, high technology is applied, e.g. with automated depowdering, AI-based part recognition & sorting, automated packaging and in-line quality control. This makes 3Faktur a pioneer in the digital manufacturing of plastic components..
For our customers this means highest possible quality standards, maximum repeatability and competitive prices through optimal efficiency.

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Quality Standards

quality control on 3D printing component

3Faktur offers you as certified industrial AM production facility according to prEn ISO/ASTM 52920 the highest standard of industrial additive manufacturing. The basis for this is our focus on quality and replicability , including the finishing options Finishing opeions such as shot peening and vapor smoothing.

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3D printing is one of the most exciting technologies of our time. Stay up to date on the latest developments and benefit from current offers from 3Faktur.

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