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Multi Jet Fusion Nylon 12 example casing

3Faktur is a 3D-printing service bureau based in Jena, Germany. We serve the most innovative companies all over Europe in the automotive, high-tech, medical, engineering, and aviation industries. Our service includes rapid prototyping (starting at a quantity of 1) as well as additive manufacturing (batch production of several hundred to a few thousand) of plastic parts.

We use high-end HP Multi Jet Fusion 4210 machines to produce your end-use parts in Nylon 12. With up to 3,000 parts per week, we operate highly optimized production processes to offer you high-quality parts at very competitive prices.

For sophisticated prototypes, additional technologies and materials are available. Stereolithography is available for highly accurate parts up to 450 mm (soon 750 mm!), and Polyjet is available for transparent, soft, and multi-material prototypes.

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Our additive manufacturing technologies

End-use parts


HP Multi Jet Fusion - Polyamid 12

HP Multi Jet Fusion
Polyamide 12 (‘Nylon 12’)
Batch sizes 1 – 3.000
Starting at approx. EUR 1.00 per piece

HP’s Multi Jet Fusion (also called ‘High-Speed Sintering’) technology shifted 3D printing from prototyping to manufacturing. Consistent, injection molding-like quality combined with high production speed and low costs per part enable the industrial production of end-use parts.

Stereolithografie - hochauflösendes Epoxidharz

SLA Detail Resin
Batch sizes 1 – 50
Starting at approx. EUR 9.50 per piece

This technology allows high-resolution and accurate parts with very smooth surfaces. The technology can be used for realistic prototypes of up to 450 mm in size. More…

Polyjet - hochauflösende Acryle Tango und Vero

Vero & Tango
Batch sizes 1 – 50
Starting at approx. EUR 9.50 per piece

This high-resolution technology (layer height of 16–32 microns) offers a wide range of rigid, soft, opaque, and transparent materials. Furthermore, even multi-material (e.g., soft & rigid or transparent & opaque) parts can be produced in one run.

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